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THIS IS MADE FROM REAL LEATHER!!!! These are laser cut and hand-assembled. They are pre-made and ready to ship! Also, faster shipping and processing is available!

*PLEASE NOTE: Shipping will be delayed if we are away at a weekend show.

This is a wand holster used to carry your favorite wand.  It slides onto a belt and it is designed at an angle for quick draw and for carrying ease.


*NOTE: Does NOT come with wand!


Length: 4.5" (not including the belt loop)
Width: 1.75" (not including the belt loop)
Max Wand Diameter (top): 1"
Max Wand Diameter (bottom): 0.5"

Belt Loop Length: 2.5"
Belt Loop Width: 0.75"

*NOTE: If you need the opening smaller, just let us know in your notes. We will add extra rivets.
If you need it LARGER, you MUST contact us for a CUSTOM ORDER!!! Those who try and buy this listing and request a larger opening will have their order cancelled and refunded. You MUST MESSAGE US FOR A LARGER ONE!!!!


Pre-Dyed Soft Leather:

Black w/Gun Metal Rivets(Pictured)
Brown w/Ant. Brass Rivets (Pictured) - Please note that brown shades WILL vary based on what is in stock!
Deep Red w/Ant. Brass Rivets (Pictured)
Deep Blue w/Ant. Silver/Nickel Rivets (Pictured)
*NEW* Rustic Tan w/Gun Metal Rivets

Dyed Veg-Tan Leather (Meaning they are a little stiffer and we will hand-dye these wand holsters):

Tan w/Silver/Nickel Rivets
Green w/Ant. Brass Rivets
Red w/Ant. Brass Rivets
Blue w/Ant. Silver/Nickel Rivets
Purple w/Ant. Silver/Nickel Rivets
Gold w/Gun Metal Rivets
Silver w/Silver/Nickel Rivets

<see swatches in picture for color examples of these dyes and rivet colors>

*NOTE: Colors may differ slightly due to variances in the leather.

-Antique Brass (hypo-allergenic)
-Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergenic)
-Antique Copper (hypo-allergenic)
-Brass (hypo-allergenic)
-Antique Silver/Nickel

*PLEASE NOTE: Any order note requests for custom/change in rivet and/or leather colors cannot and will not be accomidated and will result in the order being cancelled and refunded. These item are pre-made so they can ship faster.

If you wish to build your own wand holster, we have a special listing below to do so. Please know they take additional time to make, for each are hand made:


THESE ARE AMBIDEXTROUS!!! (Meaning you can wear them on either side!!!)


THESE SHIP FAST!!! But please know we travel on the road often and this will delay out ability to ship items about 5 days. We usually ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. If we are not at a show, we will also ship out on Fridays.

The normal turn-over time is about 3-5 days.


I will ship either:

-USPS First Class Bubble Mailer with tracking, or
-USPS Priority Mail with tracking.


If you need to order more than what is available on hand, you MUST message us to setup a custom listing. We need additional time to construct more wand holsters. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

DaSueDragon Designs

Small Leather Wand Holster Holder Sheath FAST SHIPPING Available

Small Leather Wand Holster Holder Sheath FAST SHIPPING Available

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