• Custom Leather Armor

    We specialize in making unique leather armor pieces to suit various larping and cosplay needs.

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  • LARP Accessories

    Tired of losing all of your belongings to those pesky rogues? Well look no further! We can accessorize you for any situation.

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  • Leather Masks & Claws

    Our specialty lies in creating furry-themed items, including leather dragon masks, leather claws, and even leather tails!

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  • Leather Bags

    Our staple. We have been making leather bags for over 10 years and have the ONLY UV Reactive glowing leather bags on the market.

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  • #1 Selling Wand Holster

    Since the launch of our item in 2014, we have had the #1 selling wand holster on Etsy. Now, we are bringing our product all across the country.

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  • Sheaths & Scabbards

    We specialize in making custom holsters to suit all of your LARPing needs. Adjustable AND able to rotate!

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