Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you make?
I make custom leather work and prop creations for LARPing customers and cos-players.

What materials do you use?
Normally, I use a 2-3 oz softened cowhide leather for my bags and other small items. For most other items, I use a heavier, top-quality 4-6oz leather for my tool work and other items. Armor is usually between 7-9oz or, for an additional fee, 12-14oz (to Belegarth and Dag standards). Most of the animals I work with are cow, deer, sheep, pig. I try to avoid anything unusual and I do NOT work with exotics.

Many have also asked if I will actually work with snake skin. The answer is no. I have 4 wonderful ball pythons at home and I don't think they would appreciate it much if I were working on a piece that consisted of real snake skin.

Can you paint/tool custom images?
I can paint/tool custom images as long as they are within reason to create. I reserve the right to refuse anything that is deemed not within reason or that may violate any laws.

What about custom orders?
Yes, I do fulfill custom orders as long as they are within my capabilities. I reserve the right to refuse anything not within my capabilities, but I will surely try to meet your standards.

How big of a cosplay prop are you willing to make?
If you can pay for the extremely unreasonable shipping prices USPS puts on it's oddly-shaped packages and if I can find the cardboard, and if it's within the limitations of whatever convention you are going to bring it to, I can probably ship it, but again everything depends.

If you have been referred either by myself or someone else, mention it to me when you order along with the LOCATION/EVENT you were referred to at OR the name of the person who referred me. I do often reward anyone who refers someone or who is a returning customer with discounts or complementary shipping. I thank you for your patronage and for helping me spread the word about my business.