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What do you make?

I make custom leatherwork and furry accessories for Furries, LARPers, and Cosplayers.

Do you use real leather?

Yes. All of our leather is ethically sourced and is from 100% genuine real leather. We only use products that are found readily, such as cow, deer, pig, and sheep. We try to avoid anything unusual and we do NOT work with exotics.

To dive in deeper, normally we use a 2-3 oz softened cowhide leather for my bags and
other small items. For most other items, we use a heavier, top-quality
4-6oz leather for tool work and other items. Armor is usually between
7-9oz or, for an additional fee, 12-14oz (to Bel and Dag

Can you make a product with faux leather?

Unfortunately we are unable to use faux leather for our products. This is actually due to the toxins that are created when faux leather is lasered. We strive to ensure our products are made using eco-friendly methods.

Handmade products that are not subjected to the laser cutter are eligible to be made from faux leather or apple leather, but you must setup a custom order/commission with us to have something made.

What material is your hardware made from?

We use mostly Silver/Nickel hardware sourced from Ohio Travel Bag and Tandy Leather. For those who are allergic to Nickel, we also carry Ant. Brass hardware which is hypo-allergenic. You MUST include a request for hypo-allergenic hardware used in your order notes when ordering.

*PLEASE NOTE: Requests for these changes will result in the order being delayed due to having to re-make the entire order from scratch.

How long does it take to make an order?

Normally, it takes about 1-2 weeks to create items ordered. Larger items may take 3-4 weeks and complex items up to 2 months.

These times are subjected to change based on if we are away at shows. Check our our Calendar of Events to know when our busy season is.

Can I request a Rush Order or Rush Shipping?

Shipping: Yes, if you are US or Canada based.

Order Rush: No, not in a regular order. You must contact us before ordering if you need to have your item rush made. We might not be available to fulfill rush requests if we are away selling at a show.

Rush Fees: +%50 of the regular price of the item. Cuts the processing time down in half. Double the regular price for 3-day turn over (that's the absolute fastest we can work with no interruptions). For anything faster, like next day turn over, you MUST message us to setup a custom request and to check for availability. This will be EXTREMELY COSTLY!

*PLEASE NOTE: All Rush Upgrades are also subjected to shipping upgrades too. Buyers are responsible for all upgrade fees, including shipping, taxes and VAT fees.

Can I get the item in a different color?

Due to the limited color variety of dyes we have, requesting different colors at this time is unavailable. You may, however, contact us and setup a custom order/commission.

Can you laser/paint/tool custom images?

We can laser and/or paint custom images as long as they are within reason to create and don't violate copyright law. We reserve the right to refuse anything that is deemed not within reason or that may violate any laws.


Any order placed with custom requests will be cancelled and refunded.

For now, we are limiting hand-tooling requests due to medical restrictions

Can I request small modifications on my order without upgrading to a custom order/commission?

For very small adjustments, we usually can accommodate, but to be save, please message us before buying so we can discuss the changes and see if they do not require additional cost.

Do you take Custom Orders/Commissions?

Yes! We have an entire section devoted to our custom orders/commissions and specially devoted FAQs section. Please visit our Custom FAQs page for more info.

How do you keep your manufacturing process eco-friendly?

We recycle and use as much of the scrap leather as we can. Price Tags, Bar Codes, Pins, even Small Circular Markers are cut and used from our scraps. Everything is re-used until it is down to a very small amount and then it is properly recycled or composted.

Regarding your Metal Printing, can you sublimate onto other items as well?

At this time, we are limiting our sublimation services to aluminum metal sheets. Items such as shirts, cups, bandanas, and other trinkets require a more advanced setup to use. We DO have the ability to sublimate onto Acrylic, Wood, and even leather, but we do not have the means to expand our setup to accommodate special custom requests at this time.

Can I order an item that is no longer being sold (i.e. Discontinued)?

You may submit a custom order/commission request to have an older item made. Please know that requests may be denied based on hardware and/or material unavailability.


If you have been referred either by us or someone else,
mention it to me when you order along with the LOCATION/EVENT you were
referred to at OR the name of the person who referred me. We often
reward anyone who refers someone or who is a returning customer with
discounts or complementary shipping. We thank you for your patronage and
for helping me spread the word about our business.

Custom Order/Commission Requests

For more information regarding our custom orders/commissions, please click below to visit our Custom Orders FAQs page.