• Leather Furry Partials

    We specialize in one-of-a-kind leather dragon, wolf, and fox heads with matching leather claws. Fully articulated and equiped with LED eyes!

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  • Fursuit Partials

    We enjoy making fursuit partials as a nice escape from normal leatherworking.

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  • Tails & Furry Accessories

    Can never have too many tails! Don't worry, we will come with plenty of variety of all shapes and sized tails. Even leather ones!

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  • Furry Themed Leather Bags & Accessories

    Our main product is leather pouches and bags. We even have sizes to accommodate for fursuit paws. Best of all, everything is UV Reactive!

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  • Custom Commissioned Leather Pins

    Taking our craft one step further, we take commissions to have custom personalized leather furry head pins made. Each one is hand-drawn and hand-colored.

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  • Metal Print Badges

    We offer the service of printing your fursona badge onto metal! This helps preserve artwork for many years to come. We even have NFC and UV Reactive upgrades available for badges.

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Furry 10x10 Corner Booth Layout

  • 8' Corner Table

    Due to handicap accessibility needs, we require at least a 2' opening to get in and out of our booth. Having a corner space is the best option.

  • 6' Corner Table

    We are able to adapt to different sizes and be accomidating to last minute changes and location placement.

  • 4' Corner Table (8' Table Booth Share)

    We are very friendly and don't mind booth shares. We will ALWAYS contact organizations before bringing a booth share to a convention.