Creative Forces

Dasuedragon Designs is made up of several arts creating unique products just for you!


Sue Maple

Not much to say about myself, other than I am a Dragon, I love to make leather works of art, and I am a HUGE Zelda fan!

DaSueDragon Designs - Artist, Leatherworker, Designer, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Video Editor, Kickstarter Manager, Customer Service, and Everything Else.

Production partners

Image Maim - Artist and Consultant for Kickstarter Project.

No photo description available. Ranelynn Graphics - Artist.

Image Setsaled - Artist: Commissions, Poster Art, NSFW, Logos, Comic Pages, Live2D Vtuber models and rigging.

 MidBlackCat Shop - Artist, Kickstarter Collaborator, Assembly, Video Talent, Customer Feedback.

 StrictlyBizness Photo & Illustration - Artist, Kickstarter Collaborator, Assembly, Video Light Design, Videographer.

 Burgess & Bennet Studio - Artist, Video Talent.

 Kitsufox Productions - Social Media Manager.

No photo description available. Custom Processing Unlimited - Laser Machinist.

No photo description available. Griffins Jewelry - Editor, Best Friend.

 youknowthatoneshop -

 algrossmann - Artist 2D Animator.

No photo description available. Ember Alchemist - Artist, Social Media Manager. -

 Graveyard Silver - Artist. - 

May be an image of outdoors Twilight Saint - Artist. -

KAJiRA Kreations KAJiRA KREATIONS - Artist. -

 Possibly Passable Cosplay - Model. -

No photo description available. Dauntless Dog Designs - Artist, Leatherworker -

ImageStompy Cat Costumers - Artist, Fursuit Maker -    Twitter     Instragram

 RAD Cat Art - Tails Maker - Instagram Twitter