Tough Hide Leatherwork

~ Engineered Fur Furries ~

Tough Hide

Shop our stylish gear for your next play date! 

  • Extremely Durable Cuffs

    We've take 3 years to develop these cuffs. They are extremely durable and are built to last.

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  • Stylish Leather Collars

    Each collar is hand-sewn using traditional saddle-stitching techniques.

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  • Real Steel Leashes

    Our leashes are equiped with high-weight-bearing 1" steel chain.

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  • NFC Bracelets

    Themed to our Tough Hide designs, these bracelets are equipped with NFC chips that can be programmed.

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  • Hand Made Leather Keychains

    Each design has a story to tell. Take yours home with you on your backpack!

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  • Custom NSFW Pins

    We offer custom NSFW leather fursona rear-end pins. They are still PG, but they are comical, featuring a diamond blocking specific areas.

Booth Setup

  • Booth Disclaimer:

    Due to Handicap Accessibility needs, we require a corner booth/table to be able to access our area without difficulty. We require a 2' opening and at least 4' of space behind the booth in order to move around without issues. We are always willing to pay for any upgrade fee to ensure we can secure a corner booth.