• Leather Dice Bags

    Our staple. We have been making leather bags for over 10 years and have the ONLY UV Reactive glowing leather bags on the market.

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  • RPG & Game Accessories

    We specialize in making custom leather never-before-seen rpg & gaming accessories. From our hand-colored dice towers to our dice scrolls, there's something new always on our table.

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  • ...Because Every Naughty Dice Needs a Dunce Cap

    Every time you just wanna throw your dice across the room, why not save the poor piece of plastic and simply deem it "out of order" with these lovely little accessories.

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  • LARP Gear

    We specialize in making unique leather armor and sheaths to suit various larping and cosplay needs.

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  • Cosplay Accessories

    Have NO IDEA where to put your wallet and phone while at the convention? We have plenty of products to make convention life easier.

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  • Fursuits, Claws & Masks

    Our specialty lies in creating furry-themed items, including leather dragon masks, leather claws, and even leather tails!

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Our Booth Setup

  • Booth Disclaimer:

    Due to Handicap Accessibility needs, we require a corner booth to be able to access our area without difficulty. We require a 2' opening and at least 6' of space behind the booth in order to move around without issues. We are always willing to pay for any upgrade fee to ensure we can secure a corner booth.