Reptiles in Need

Being parents to 5 snakes, we strive to help reptiles all across the country who are in need of homes. For every sale of reptile-themed items, we set aside a portion of the profits and donate to a shelter in need.

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  • Archie's Angels

    Archie's Angels helps rescue lizards and reptiles all across the upper Wisconsin area.

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  • The Three Sisters Exotic Rescue & Sanctuary

    Three Sisters devotes their time to helping rescue exotics from all around the midwest.

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  • Help a Sick Snake - Haku

    This is one of our own little Ball Pythons that is in need. We have made a product line specially devoted to helping raise money to fund his recovery.

    A few years ago, he took a bad fall and ended up with paralysis in the back 1/3 of his body. He has been through many treatments and PT to recover from the injury. Expensive and time consuming, but we won't give up on our little guy!

    If you'd like to support our little Haku, we have a GoFundMe in the link below.

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LGBTQAI+ Pride Awareness

We are a NGLCC-LGBT Certified business! We proudly support the LGBTQ+ community, donating to various organizations.

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  • The Trevor Project

    We support those in the LGBTQ+ community who desperately seek the medical attention they need. The Trevor Project donates thousands of dollars to help those in need of mental support.

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