Wholesale Inquiries:

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  • Minimum Quantities Required

    We require a minimum of at least 10 items to be ordered to qualify for a bulk discount. We do also have quantity that can be ordered, but that is assigned by a case-by-case basis. We are a tiny hobby business running a small operation.

  • Pricing

    Wholesale discounts are tiered depending on the overall retail price of items ordered. The usual 40% off discount usually doesn't apply until you've hit $500 of items or the sum of the minimum required to order (10) items, whichever is the greater value.

  • Branding and Licensing

    Any stores wishing to sell our products may do so only with direct permission from our business [DaSueDragon Designs LLC]. Each storefront will need to acquire a licensing agreement from us and will be required to display our logo/business card with our products.

  • Shipping

    Buyer will be responsible for ALL shipping fees, taxes, VAT fees AND all licensing required to ship internationally (if international transport/shipping is requested).

  • Turn Over Time

    Bulk orders will require extra time to create. We make everything by hand and all wholesale orders are made-to-order. We are unable to pull from our back stock just due to low inventory.

  • Our Intellectual Property

    We [DaSueDragon Designs LLC] reserve the right to refuse any wholesale orders for any reason. We are very protective of our brand and will not allow bootlegging or re-sale of our items without prior authorization.