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Take up arms and choose your character! Grab one of these handy-dandy d20 dice keychain holders to ensure you are never alone on your adventure.

Take your dice with you in style!  This D20 Dice Keychain will hold your die and clips onto your jeans, backpack or other travel bag and allow you to bring your die with you anywhere!  Just squeeze the sides of the leather to insert and remove the die.

These are role-playing dnd adventure themed!

These are made from real genuine leather and they are laser cut/etched and then hand-painted and hand sewn.

*NOTE: 1 RANDOMLY COLORED Dice comes with this item, but it is a RANDOM COLOR chosen at RANDOM!!!!!!!!!! You CANNOT choose the color. I literally get them in a random pack.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the shortage of supplies with the COVID-19 issue, the color of the metal keychain may vary, as well as the style of the chain. I apologize for this, but I am low on supplies and they are out of stock at the moment. When they are re-stocked, I will order more. Also, with this problem, I am limited on how many dice I have and do NOT have a lot of dice left.


Fits 1 standard sized D20.

Dice Keychains vary between:
2"-2.25" wide
2"-4" tall

Key Ring - 1" Silver or Antique Brass (depending on what is in stock)


Ball and Chain
Paladin Shield (has pattern on one side, and is blank/black on the other)
Red Potion Bottle
Blue Potion Bottle
Green Potion Bottle
Round Leaf (Green) [DISCONTINUED]
Warrior's Sword
*NEW* Tome Book
*NEW* Lute
*NEW* Bow & Arrow

*NOTE: The keychain color will either be silver/nickel or antique brass (hypo-allergenic). This color WILL be random based on supplies available.

***ADDITIONAL FINAL NOTE: Keychain leather thicknesses will vary (4-7oz) due to varied leather being used. We CANNOT custom pick a specific thickness for you.

**ALSO: Please know that these are colored in with acrylic paint. This paint WILL eventually chip.


There is no customization available for this product at this time. You can feel free to message me if you have an idea for something similar, but what is listed is what is shipped.

DaSueDragon Designs

D20 Dice Keychain Holder Holster Carrying Enclosure for Roleplaying Games

D20 Dice Keychain Holder Holster Carrying Enclosure for Roleplaying Games

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