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Wanna spice up your cosplay or larp gear? Look no further! Our spikey claws & bracers are the perfect addition to any outfit!

Spikey Bracers and Spikey Claws!!!

This listing is for our BLUE version of the claws and bracers.
(Due to the different variations available, we have had to split up colors into different listings. For other color options, please scroll down to the additional links).

They are laser cut and made completely from leather, including the claw itself. This ensures better safety when wearing and using the claws and bracers.

Perfect for any Renaissance Fair outfit, dragon garb, cosplay and more!


One size fits MOST adults. Still, MESSAGE ME YOUR SIZE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE!!!! Measurements to take are found in the "Measurements" section below.

If you are looking for gauntlets built for a child, you MUST message me to create a custom order. I CANNOT fill an order placed through this listing for a child's size.

Claw Dimensions:
Wrist Opening (Diameter): 3"-4.25"
WRIST SIZE: 8" to 11"


Strap Length: 6"-8"

Back Piece Height: 3.5"
Back Piece Width: 5.5" (or 4" not including the thumb (when it's curved))
Back Spike Height: 5.25"
Back Spike Width: 4.5"
Spike Height: 3.5" from the wrist

Finger Loop (Diameter): 1.25"
Finger Loop Location (from claw tip): 1.75"
Finger Width: 1.75"
Overall Finger Length: 6"
Finger Length (tip of back to tip of claw): 3.5" <--RECOMMENDED TO USE WHEN MEASURING HOW LONG YOUR FINGERS ARE!!!! Add 1" to this measurement, if your finger is longer than this, then you'll need a custom size. If your finger length is shorter than 2.75", then you'll need the finger loops closer to the back tip.

PLEASE NOTE YOUR LONGEST FINGER LENGTH IN YOUR ORDER NOTES!!!! This will help us determine where to place the finger loops!!!!!

Bracer Dimensions:
Width (not including straps): 10"
Height (including hand covers): 12"
Spike Height: 3"

Strap Length: 12"-14" approx.


Order either:

-2 Claws (Set of 2, 1 left hand, 1 right hand)
-2 Bracers (Set of 2)
-FULL SET (2 Claws & 2 Bracers)

*NOTE: We are NOT offering just one arm or the other (1 claw & 1 bracer) at this time. If you want this, please message us and we can setup a custom order.



Glow in the Dark is Blue Glow.

All buckles are silver/nickel and all rivets are silver/nickel. If you NEED Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergenic) buckles and rivets, you MUST message us to setup a custom order. Any order note requests for this will result in the order being cancelled and refunded.

Strap colors are Black.

STRAP COLORS MAY VARY!!!! I cannot guarantee the leather I have in stock for the straps, but I will try and match them to the colors or color that pair nicely with the set. If I am able to match the colors, the shades might be slightly different for the straps.


One size fits MOST adults! CHILD SIZES NOT AVAILABLE!!! You will HAVE to message me in order to request a custom order for custom child-sized Bracers.

I will need the following measurements to guarantee the best fit for your claws:

-Ring sizes of all fingers
-Length of each finger
-Wrist size
-Length from tip of middle finger to wrist on each hand

*NOTE: I will attempt to contact you if you do not provide me these measurements. If I do not hear back within 7 days from you, I will have to cancel your order and issue a full refund. These measurements are essential and if they are not given, I cannot make the product.

DaSueDragon Designs

Blue Spikey All Leather Hand Claws and Dragon Bracers COMBO SET

Blue Spikey All Leather Hand Claws and Dragon Bracers COMBO SET

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