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Blue Spikey Dragon Leather Dice Bag, Large, GLOW in the DARK

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Great for carrying all of your supplies, accessories and more! This genuine hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-sewn leather dragon pouch is sure to be the best storage companion you can fasten to your belt.

Best for LARPing, Ren Fairs, Convention hunting and more. The dual security features with a pull-string closure as well as a swing lock makes this bag great for storing your valuable belongings as you venture out.

The dragon GLOWS-IN-THE-DARK!!!


Height: 9"
Width: 6"
Opens to 4" in diameter.

Belt Loop Fits Belts Up To: 3.5" wide


Blue/Black with Blue & Black Spikey Dragon Tooling (with Green Glow)


*ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the hardware shortage for Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergenic) items, the base color for this item has been changed to use Silver/Nickel rivets and clasps.

The Large Swing Lock Clasp (#4) is the only clasp available for this product at this time. They are available in Silver/Nickel. The rivets will be the same color as the clasp. As well, the string will be black square leather string with a pull string closure.

If you NEED Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergenic) rivets and clasp, you MUST message us to setup a custom order. Any order note requests for this will be ignored, cancelled and refunded.


Hand-Tooled & Cut:
We will NOT use the laser cutter and instead, completely hand make the bag for you! This makes it more authentic.


(Sizes are based off of normal, standard-sized dice)

In addition to being an awesome add-on for cosplay outfits, this bag can also serve as a DnD Dice Bag!!!

Dice Capacity: 75 normal sized dice


Need a smaller bag?

Small Blue Spikey Dragon Dice Bag:


I CAN TOOL OTHER DRAGONS ONTO THIS BAG!!! As long as it is within reason, my capabilities and does not violate any laws, I can always put another image on this bag, but you MUST MESSAGE ME!!! This customization DOES have an additional charge. If you purchase this bag and message me after the purchase, I will not be able to change the tooling image. You MUST MESSAGE ME BEFORE PURCHASING ONE OF MY BAGS IF YOU WANT SOMETHING CUSTOM DONE TO IT!!!!! If you request customization after purchasing this item, it will be ignored.

If you wish for a different bag size, you MUST MESSAGE ME!!!! This option is NOT available for this product and requires a custom listing.


Yes! I do take custom orders. As long as it is within my capabilities, within reason and doesn't violate any laws, I'm always up for a good challenge. Message me if you are interested in having a custom leather project done.



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