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FINALLY, IT'S HERE!!!! The ultimate addition to any cosplayer or LARPer's outfit: The Leather Dragon Mask!!!
It is made from real leather with glowing eyes and a talk jaw!!! Fur backing is faux fur.


*IMPORTANT [Ignore message below if item says "IN STOCK"]*

This listing is for a Pre-Order! I will begin making these in September 2023. My current backlog is full, so I have to close commissions right now. I do apologize for this.


Perfect for any Renaissance Fair outfit, dragon garb, cosplay and more!

The Dragon Mask is 100% hand made, dyed and sewn. This is cut on a laser cutter, but other adjustments are done by hand, manually.

These masks are pre-made.  We do not allow customization on these masks.


There is a talk jaw on this item, meaning when you talk, the jaw moves. You MUST over exaggerate your jaw movement in order for the talk jaw to work. Normal speak will not activate it.

Each mask comes with instructions and information about your mask. Also, we include two different talk jaw sizes beyond the one given. Each person's face is sized differently and if the jaw does not seat comfortably, then it can be unscrewed and the new jaw can be screwed in.


One size fits MOST adults. Still, MESSAGE ME YOUR SIZE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE!!!!

There is NO CHILD SIZES. I CANNOT fill an order placed through this listing for a child's size. Unfortunately to make a children's size, it would have to be a complete new rebuild on the mask. Sorry.


18" W x 18" H x 13" D
Weight: ~1.5 lbs


-Black, red glowing eyes [SOLD OUT]
-Ice Blue with White Horns, blue glowing eyes [OUT OF STOCK]
-Fire Red with Gold Horns, yellow glowing eyes [OUT OF STOCK]
-Marbled Blue w/Black Horns, blue glowing eyes [SOLD OUT]
-Black w/Marbled Blue Horns, blue glowing eyes, Blue Backing [OUT OF STOCK]
-Marbled Red w/Black Horns, golden yellow glowing eyes

All buckles are silver/nickel and all rivets are nickel/silver. If you need antique brass (hypo-allergenic), please include that in your order notes and there will be an additional $10 fee and allow 1 extra week for the other materials to arrive because they will need to be specially ordered.

All string is black nylon-bonded waxed string.

LEATHER COLORS WILL COMPLETELY VARY!!! Due to the vast variety in how these heads turn out, we will publish these AS IS/AS PICTURED!!!

**IMPORTANT** Please be sure to read the WHOLE description. We have also added a personalization section that must be filled out correctly in order to place the order. Any other answer other than "Potatoes" below will result in the order being cancelled and refunded.


All backings are faux fur with 6-8 nickel eyelets placed so the backing is held in by Chicago screws, allowing it to be swapped/removed. WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY CUSTOM REQUESTS FOR CUSTOM BACKINGS!!! WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!!! But the eyelets/placement allows for the backing to be removed/swapped and we do not mind if you use the provided backing as a template to make your own!

ANY REQUESTS FOR CUSTOM BACKINGS, WHETHER IN THE ORDER NOTES OR OTHERWISE, WILL BE IGNORED!!! This may also result in your order being cancelled and refunded!

*SPECIAL NOTE: We CANNOT substitute the eyelet material/type. These are specially sized eyelets to fit the Chicago screws holding the backing in place. They do not come in any other material type, we do apologize. If you cannot touch nickel, we recommend just putting duct tape over the holes and then re-punching, to prevent any reactions.


One size fits MOST adults! CHILD SIZES NOT AVAILABLE!!!

The head strap is sized for people with hat sizes between 6 1/2 to 8. If your hat size is different, you MUST contact me before the order is filled, otherwise the standard size will be sent. There are no refunds or returns. A replacement strap will cost $20 if the item has already been shipped out.

Fitting the mask on:

1. Place the mask around the head.

2. Ensure you can see out of the mask comfortably.

3. Adjust the strap to the correct size.

4. Seat the talk jaw in place.

Once this is all set, you should be able to lift the mask up and on top of your head to which then it will sit on the top of the head and allow for eating and such. This makes it so that you only have to put the mask on once when you are suiting up.

For the talk jaw, it is hard to measure each person individually, so there will be 3 sizes available to use for the talk jaw. It can easily be swapped out of the mask and a new one put on until it is a comfortable size.

*NOTE: I will attempt to contact you say you have a different size and if you do not provide me these measurements. If I do not hear back within 7 days from you, I will have to cancel your order and issue a full refund. These measurements are essential and if they are not given, I cannot make the product.


NOT AVAILABLE FOR THESE! Sorry. Also, no custom mask orders.


Per our policy, there are no refunds and no returns accepted for this item. Same is for repairs. Additional pieces/parts sold separately. Contact us for more information regarding ordering replacement parts.


This item takes 2 months to create (at minimum). There might be need for extensions depending upon the season and how busy the shop is. DaSueDragon Designs will always keep the consumer informed on all progress and communicate if there is need for such an extension.

Shipping is Flat Rate Priority (Domestic) and standard (International). Domestic shipping is free. International is still subject to all shipping and VAT fees.

DaSueDragon Designs

Articulate Spikey Leather Dragon Mask Furry Head Moving Jaw with Glowing Eyes

Articulate Spikey Leather Dragon Mask Furry Head Moving Jaw with Glowing Eyes

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