Custom Orders FAQs

Custom Leather Orders:

Please read through this carefully because you'll need to provide a lot of info for us to make your order just the way you want. 

Click here for Custom Metal Fursona Badges (Or other metal inquiries)

Organized Orders:

We manage orders on our Trello, and you can see how many slots we have filled in Trello:

Trello Link

Inquire First, See if you're accepted for a custom order:

Your inquiry does not guarantee a custom order, it is only a inquiry. You will be notified if your order is accepted to be a custom order. 

If you're accepted we will communicate about the details of the order and you'll need to fill out one more form to finalize the order. 

What would you like made:

Please choose from the drop-down menu the category of item you'd like made. Or insert the link to the product you'd like customized.

Choose a collection or link directly to a listing to customize.

(Any links from outside this website will be ignored. We can only make customs of our designs)

If you have a photo reference of your ideas please attach. 

Pricing and Payment:

Please keep in mind every item is hand sewn, hand tooled, hand painted, hand-everythinged. We do not use a sewing machine or ANY type of machine to make these items. So understand that our pricing reflects the time that goes into each piece of art. 

We have Shopify or Paypal to invoice you 

Payment plans are only available for orders over $300. Terms are as follows:

In order for us to begin work on your item, half payment is REQUIRED before work begins. Once work is completed you will have 90 days from the estimated completion date to pay the remaining balance. If the item is finished before the completion date, the 90 days does not start until the original estimated completion date. If an extension to the timing is issued, the NEW completion date is when the 90 days will begin. You can always ask about the timing of your payment requirements to double check. It will be posted on Trello as well. If payment is not sent after the 90 days the amount already paid and the item is forfeit and belongs to DaSueDragon. We will not refund for any cancellations once work has started. 

You have 7 DAYS to pay your invoice before we consider an order abandoned/cancelled.



Things we will not/cannot make:

  • Jackets
  • Boots
  • Pants
  • Hats
  • Any kind of clothing/apparel that is not armor
  • Furniture Restoration/Repair
  • Furniture Wrapping
  • No exotic leathers (Kangaroo, Sting ray, lion, bear, anaconda, gater)
  • Purses or Backpacks or Itabags
  • Plushies
  • Watchbands
  • Things with zippers
  • We cannot turn the leather back into a cow

Any inquiries for WALLETS we cannot guarantee we can fulfill your request because we are still perfecting the art of making wallets.

BDSM inquiries are accepted, but please see our Tough Hide Website for all kink inquiries! <3