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Small Leather Wand Holster Sheath, Elvin Elf Leaf Themed Holder

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THIS IS MADE FROM REAL LEATHER!!!! These are laser cut and hand-assembled. This is the special Elvin Leaf themed wand holster. Laser-cut and laser engraved. These are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather between 3-5oz. This is a wand holster used to carry your favorite wand. It slides onto a belt and it is designed at an angle for quick draw and for carrying ease. GREAT FOR LARPING, COSPLAY, AND ROLEPLAYING!!! *NOTE: Does NOT come with wand! ------- SIZE: ------- Length: 4.5" (not including the belt loop) Width: 1.75" (not including the belt loop) Max Wand Diameter (top): 1" Max Wand Diameter (bottom): 0.5" Belt Loop Length: 2.5" Belt Loop Width: 0.75" *NOTE: If you need the opening smaller, just let us know in your notes. We will add extra rivets. If you need it LARGER, you MUST contact us for a CUSTOM ORDER!!! Those who try and buy this listing and request a larger opening will have their order cancelled and refunded. You MUST MESSAGE US FOR A LARGER ONE!!!! ------------- COLORS: ------------- Pre-Dyed Soft Leather (made from a soft oil-based cowhide called Kodiac): Black w/Gun Metal Rivets Brown w/Ant. Brass Rivets - Please note that brown shades WILL vary based on what is in stock! Deep Red w/Ant. Brass Rivets Custom Dyed Veg-Tan Leather (Meaning they are a little stiffer and we will hand-dye these wand holsters): Fall Leaf Colors (Custom colored like pic. PLEASE NOTE: Not all coloring will be exactly alike. Each is made to be unique in it's own way) Green w/Ant. Brass Rivets Green w/Ant. Copper Rivets *NOTE: Colors may differ slightly due to variances in the leather. Rivets: Antique Brass (hypo-allergenic) Antique Copper (hypo-allergenic) Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergenic) ----------------- DRAW SIDE: ----------------- THESE ARE AMBIDEXTROUS!!! (Meaning you can wear them on either side!!!) -------- TIME: -------- THESE SHIP FAST!!! But please know we travel on the road often and this will delay out ability to ship items about 5 days. We usually ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. If we are not at a show, we will also ship out on Fridays. The normal turn-over time is about 3-5 days. -------------- SHIPPING: -------------- I will ship USPS Bubble Mailer with tracking. --------------------- LARGER SIZES: --------------------- PLAIN SMALL SIZE: If you are looking for a larger/longer size, please see the other listing: Large Celtic Knot Themed Wand Holster: Lasered HP Crest Wand Holsters: Small Leather Wand Holster - Special Colored HP Houses - Gryffin - Huffle - Slyther - Raven --------------------- CUSTOMIZING: --------------------- YES!!! I can do custom orders for anything, just know there might be additional charges for customizing this order, especially if you need a larger size. PLEASE NOTE: Customization must not be unreasonable or inappropriate and MUST follow copyright laws. **SUPER IMPORTANT**: YOU MUST SETUP A CUSTOM ORDER!!!! ANY CUSTOM REQUESTS MADE IN ORDER NOTES WILL BE IGNORED AND COULD LEAD TO THE CANCELLATION AND REFUND OF YOUR ORDER!!! You can setup a custom order to choose a different rivet color or a different leather color based on the swatches in the pictures. We cannot accommodate any other color options.



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