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Leather Steampunk Gears Designer Face Mask Strap Ear Savers *Regular & XLarge Sizes*

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These designer ear savers are great for holding up your favorite face mask without the pressure on your ears! This leather is soft against your skin! *NEW XL SIZES NOW AVAILABLE!!!* Can be worn on the top of your ears or even below!!! Super flexible. Introducing our brand new line of STEAMPUNK GEAR Leather Ear Savers. Each one is hand-colored with acrylic paint pens. ------- SIZE: ------- Regular - Roughly 6" long by 1.25" wide. XL - Roughly 7.75" long by 1.33" wide. -------------- DESIGNS: -------------- -Single Cut-Out Gear (Multiple Color Options available) *PLEASE NOTE: The Gold & Silver for the single gear ear savers are NOT the same as the colored versions. They are a DULL gold and silver dye. -3 Gears -Multiple Gears -The Whole Works Cut-Out -MORE COMING SOON!- ------------- COLORS: ------------- These will be colored AS-IS as of right now. There are various color options for the single-gear, but that is the only one with a few color options available. WE CANNOT DO ANY CUSTOM COLORING OF THE GEARS!!! Any requests for this will be ignored. If you wish to do something custom like that, you MUST message us to set up a custom order. Thank you for your understanding. Note: Colors may differ slightly due to variances in the leather. --------------- SHIPPING: --------------- NOW BEING SHIPPED WITH USPS FIRST CLASS BUBBLE MAILER!!! All items are tracked via USPS! ---------------------------------- OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE: ---------------------------------- PLAIN REGULAR EAR SAVERS HERE: DESIGNER EAR SAVERS HERE: DRAGON DESIGNER EAR SAVERS: *NEW* VIDEO GAME THEMED EAR SAVERS: FRONT LINE HEROES EAR SAVERS: SHOW YOUR PRIDE EAR SAVERS: YOU'RE WAY TOO CLOSE EAR SAVERS: *NEW* REPTILE THEMED EAR SAVERS: BALL PYTHON ACRYLIC EAR SAVERS: GET YOUR PERSONALIZED ONES HERE: Put your name on your ear saver so you don't lose it! DESIGN YOUR VERY OWN EAR SAVER (FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE): WHOLESALE EAR SAVERS: FACE SAVERS HERE: NOSE SAVERS HERE: ---------------------------------------- HELP SUPPORT THE CAUSE!!! ---------------------------------------- Proceeds from the sales of these straps are going directly towards the purchase of materials for making more of these to be distributed freely to those on the front lines in my area (Chicago).



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