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Leather Leaf Keychains that GLOW in UV

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Grab your autumn Leather Leaf Keychain! Comes in various different colors!

These are made from real genuine leather and are laser cut/etched. Also, youknowthatoneshop designed two of the leaves. Please be sure to check out her cool stuff:

youknowthatoneshop (Etsy):

Four different designs available:

-Large Maple Leaf
-Small Maple Leaf
-Round Leaf (youknowthatoneshop)
-Maple Ash (youknowthatoneshop)


2" - Wide
2 .5" - 3"- Tall
Tab - 3/8" Tall x 5/8" wide


Natural Leather Tan (NO UV!!!)
Gold (Yellow UV)
Green (Green UV)
Red (Red UV)

All Paint is Acrylic. Please be aware that Acrylic will peel over time.

*NOTE: If you wish to color them yourself, please look at the 4th picture and order the Natural Leather Tan color. Yes, leather can easily be colored. I would also recommend picking up some Atom Wax or Super Sheen Sealant to coat your coloring when you are done. It will slightly darken the leather and colors.

**ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Not every leather keychain will be the exact same color. All leathers have different color shades to them. We CANNOT custom pick a specific color for you.

***ADDITIONAL FINAL NOTE: Keychain leather thicknesses will vary due to varied leather being used. We CANNOT custom pick a specific thickness for you.

KEYCHAIN RING: Rings are Silver colored.


-Not available for this item-



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