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Leather Grievers Lower Leg Bracer Armor Greaves Lasered

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Leather Leg Grievers! These are slightly smaller than my other listing and are all laser cut! These come as a SET! So you will receive 2 grievers, 1 for each leg. (Labeled appropriately) Great for any LARPer, cosplayer, ren fair goer, Bel player or any occasion you can think of! These come as a SET and are designed to rest on the top of your feet and just below the knees. The straps attach at the top of the bracer and at the bottom. A third strap in the middle can be added for an addition $5. YOU MUST CONTACT US AHEAD OF TIME TO SETUP A CUSTOM ORDER FOR THE MIDDLE STRAP!!!! ------- SIZE: ------- Height: 12.75" (from the top of the foot to just below the knee, not including the side flaps) Width: 9" (max width at the top, just below the knee) Top Belt Length (Approx.): 12" Bottom Belt Length (Approx.): 8" FOR MORE INFORMATION: See the "Fitting/Sizing" section below. Leather used is between 5-8 oz. IF YOU NEED THICKER LEATHER, YOU MUST SETUP A CUSTOM ORDER!!! ------------- COLORS: ------------- Grievers come with black antiquing finish around the edges. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS, PLEASE INCLUDE IT IN YOUR ORDER NOTES!!!! There is no additional charge for not having the antiquing finish. Also, the black dye will not allow for the black antique finishing to show through, so it is not used if black is chosen as the primary color. MAIN DYE COLOR: -Black -Brown* -Tan* -Blue -Green* -Red -Purple -Gold* -Silver All straps are black, except for what is '*' *DENOTES STRAPS WILL BE BROWN!!! STRAP COLORS MAY VARY!!!! I cannot guarantee the leather I have in stock for the straps, but I will try and match them to the colors or color that pair nicely with the set. If I am able to match the colors, the shades might be slightly different for the straps. *ALSO NOTE: Dye colors WILL vary based on the properties of the leather. --------------------------- RIVETS & BUCKLES: --------------------------- All buckles & rivets are Silver/Nickel. IF YOU NEED THESE IN ANT. BRASS (hypo-allergenic), YOU MUST MESSAGE US TO SETUP A CUSTOM ORDER!!! For Ant. Brass D-Rings, there is no metal piece used, so instead a piece of leather is used to hold the D-Ring in place. ------------------------- FITTING & SIZING: ------------------------- One size fits MOST adults! CHILD SIZES NOT AVAILABLE!!! You will HAVE to message me in order to request a custom order for custom child-sized Grieves. *NOTE: If you would like this height and width changed, you MUST message me! I will NOT be able to make adjustments easily and it will cost more because of the extra leather required for the custom size. ------------------- LARGER SIZE: ------------------- Looking for Grievers that are a bit larger and all hand-made? ------------------------- CUSTOMIZATION: ------------------------- NOT AVAILABLE FOR THESE PARTICULAR GRIEVERS! Sorry.



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