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Leather Dragon Hand Claws GLOWS In The DARK

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These are high-quality, handmade leather cosplay hand claws. Great for any leather armor costume, dragon getup, or if you just feel like having slim, awesome looking claws for yourself!

These are designed to allow for a full range of motion AMD can be worn with other bracers and armor. No straps across the hand means more grip on your weapon, making these a LARPer's best friend!

Each claw is hand stitched and made of real leather. The tips are also made of leather and are not sharp at all, making these safe for children.


You can order a single claw, or select pair for a discount on two.


One Size fits all
Simple design fits both hands
The wrist strap is adjustable to fit anybody's hand!



*NOTE: Please allow extra processing time for Turquoise due to the increased time it takes to create and dye this color.

All colors are GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!

**PLEASE NOTE: Claws may have a slightly visible hue difference in color due to the glow-in-the-dark added paint. GLOW PAINT THAT IS USED INCLUDES: Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple (Blue + Pink), Yellow, Turquoise (Blue + Green)

Wrist strap color will always be black.

STRAP COLORS MAY VARY!!!! I cannot guarantee the leather I have in stock for the straps, but I will try and match them to the colors or color that pair nicely with the set. If I am able to match the colors, the shades might be slightly different for the straps.

All buckles are silver/nickel and all rivets are silver/nickel. If you NEED Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergenic) or Ant. Brass (hypo-allergenic) buckles and rivets, you MUST message us to setup a custom order. Any order note requests for this will be ignored, cancelled and refunded!



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