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Leather Dice Bracer Armor Carrier Arm Band

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Hide you favorite set of dice or even potion bottles in this unique arm band leather bracer!

These Leather Bracers are great for those LARPers on a budget! They are sturdy and light weight, but can also take a good beating. Laser cut, hand-dyed, hand-sewn, and hand assembled!!!

Perfect for any Renaissance Fair outfit, pirate garb, cosplay and more!

*NOTE: Bracer(s) do NOT come with dice!!!


Base option is for a single (1) bracer, not a pair.

One size fits MOST adults. Still, MESSAGE ME YOUR SIZE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE!!!! Measurements to take are found in the "Measurements" section below.

If you are looking for bracers built for a child, you MUST message me to create a custom order. I CANNOT fill an order placed through this listing for a child's size.

Overall, this will cover most of the forearm, with about 75% - 80% exposed.

Each bracer comes with TWO straps. We have discontinued the use of three straps due to redundancy and pinching.

Leather is 4-6oz thick. YOU MUST SETUP A CUSTOM ORDER FOR A THICKER VERSION!!!! Any requests will be ignored, cancelled and refunded.


-All Black
-All Brown (Pictured)
-All Tan
-Turquoise w/Black Pocket (Pictured)
-Red w/Black Pocket
-Green w/Brown Pocket
-Blue w/Black Pocket
-Purple w/Black Pocket
-Gold w/Brown Pocket
-Silver w/Black Pocket

Strap color will vary based on the coloring. Each bracer will come with 2 straps (NOT 3!). For the most part, everything comes with black leather straps except the following colors: Brown, Tan, Red, Green, Gold.


All Rivets, D-Ring Clasps, Turn Locks, and Buckles are Silver/Nickel. If you need Antique Brass (hypo-allergenic), please include that in your order notes. BUT PLEASE KNOW: They do NOT make a D-Ring Clasp in Antique Brass, so instead, we will have to use a D-ring and fasten it on with a piece of leather instead.


On average, these bracers are between 4-7 oz. They are great for LARPing and for other cosplay needs.

If you are looking for BEL/DAG legal or even full steel combat legal, please message me BEFORE you purchase this item. I am able to make them with thicker leather, but I need to provide a custom listing and there is a $10 fee, per bracer, for the heaver-weighted leather. Allow for extra construction time as well.


-Single (one dice bracer)
-Pair (two dice bracers)


*PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT MIX AND MATCH THE COLORS!!!! If you want two different colors, then you will need to order 2 separate bracers. Any requests will be ignored and the order refunded and cancelled.


THIS MAY NOT BE NECESSARY! If you are unsure as to if the bracer will fit you, please message me with the measurements below BEFORE purchasing any of these bracers.

Measurements to gather:

Circumference and Diameter of the following:

-Largest part of forearms
-Middle of forearms

Length and Height to Measure:

-Width and length of hand (from the wrist to knuckles)
-Width and length of hand and fingers (from the wrist to the top of the middle finger)
-Length of forearms


You CANNOT request anything custom to be done with these bracers, HOWEVER if you would like something tooled, you can MESSAGE ME and REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER and I will do my best to accommodate you. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANYTHING THAT IS NOT WITHIN MY CAPABILITIES, NOT WITHIN REASON, NOT APPROPRIATE (this is a family-friendly business), OR THAT VIOLATES ANY LAWS!

If you request custom tooling to be done in the purchase of this listing, it will not be accommodated. I will message you and inform you of this. If needs be, the order will be changed to a custom order to fulfill the request as best as possible

Please keep in mind: for this listing: tooling is only available on the SIDES of the bracer. Doing tooling on the pouch would weaken the cover and is not advised.


Yes! I do take custom orders. As long as it is within my capabilities, reason and doesn't violate any laws, I'm always up for a good challenge. Message me if you are interested in having a custom leather project done.



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