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Leather Dice Bag With Leopard Gecko Closure GLOWS in UV

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These are genuine leather dice bags WITH a closing flap! Great for holding all of your Dice needs for table-top games, role-playing games, and more! Also are very useful for LARPing and doing live-action roleplaying! And this bag GLOWS-IN-THE-DARK in UV Light!!! This has the "Leopard Gecko" artwork featured by: Chelsea Smith (youknowthatoneshop). Please visit her shop: *NOTE: Bags do NOT come with dice! *NOTE: Bags do NOT have back straps to go on a belt. YES, it DOES come with a carabiner now for clipping onto your belt! Black or Silver (depending on what we have in stock). NO COLOR CHOICE CAUSE WE ARE AT THE MERCY OF OUR DISTRIBUTOR FOR COLORS! ------------------ FUNDRAISER: ------------------ A portion of these proceeds also goes towards various reptile rescue foundations. We are proud to support various shelters all across the Midwest. ------- SIZE: ------- Sizes are approximately: 6" tall, 5.5" wide, 4" diameter when opened. ---------------------- DICE CAPACITY: ---------------------- (Sizes are based off of normal, standard-sized dice) Standard: 40 dice *NOTE: Bags do NOT come with dice! ------------- COLORS: ------------- Soft Bag Color: (This is the color of the bag itself, NOT the flap. The flap is NOT customizable when it comes to colors). -Black Bag Flap Color: -AS PICTURED- *NOTE: Flap will be gold in color regardless of bag color. Also, the color will vary due to the properties of leather. String Colors: All string is black nylon braided string. ---------------- CLOSURES: ---------------- Uses the Sam Browne Button and Washer clasps in antique brass (hypo-allergenic) for all bags. Rivets are also antique brass. -------------------------- CUSTOM ORDERS: -------------------------- -Not available for this item-



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