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Laser Cut Snake Bracelet, Ball Python Leather Bracelet, Snakelet

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This is the LASER CUT Ball Python edition of my Snakelets!

They are cut out on a laser cutter and then hand dyed/colored. These are made from real cowhide leather.

NEW MORPH CHART IS NOW UP!!!! Explore the different morphs in more detail with this high-res picture of the different morphs to choose from!

Custom made Ball python snake bracelet is approximately 13" long and the snap length (from one end to another) is 8". I can custom adjust depending on the wrist size if noted when ordered, but please MAKE SURE TO NOTE IN YOUR ORDER IF YOU NEED A DIFFERENT SIZE!!!! (See below for how to measure your wrist)

When more morphs (colors) become available, I will add it to this posting.

Morphs available:

DEFAULT - Brown Normal: (meaning the normal ball python pattern, AS SHOWN IN PICS)
Cinnamon: Dark brown snake bracelet
Banana Ball: The banana ball python morph. (Purple and tan/orange/yellow with speckles)
Lesser Pastel: Brown, yellow, and a faded look, as the lesser pastel is
Super Enchi: Brown with orange highlights
Enchi: Brown with tan and black highlights
Lesser: Light faded browns
Pin-Striped: Tan with stripped looking pattern
Cinnamon: Normal looking morph with faded browns
Axanthic: Blacks and Grays
Spider: Browns and Tans
Ghost: Dark Browns with Green Eyes
Bumble Bee: Yellows and small Black Stripes for pattern with Green Eyes
Albino: Tan and Yellows with Red Eyes

Blue-Eyed Leucistic: All white with blue eyes. (NOW MADE WITH SOFT WHITE ELK!!!) *Please Note* ***NEW*** We have FINALLY tracked down a new source for the white leather! Soft White Elk!!! Due to the nature of Elk, this leather is a lot softer than the other leather used for the rest of the snakelets. Also, they will not be as stiff as the other snakelets. Since this is the lasered listing, we cut the white elk on the laser cutter on the BACK of the bracelet. There WILL be scorching along the edges on the BOTTOM of the bracelet. The top is NOT lasered and instead hand-colored with the eyes.

Pied: (White with brown blotches) This bracelet is NOT made with white leather but instead is colored with acrylic to be white. It takes significantly longer to do this, thus the price increase. We apologize, but due to white leather no longer being made, we have had to resort to other means to produce the pied ball python. Additionally, the white elk does not absorb the brown dyes we have very well, so these bracelets MUST be made with the white acrylic. ALSO BE AWARE: Due to the nature of acrylic paint, it DOES tend to crack and chip. We do seal our work, but that only prolongs the inevitable.

New Morphs coming soon!

Hey, if you have a ball python that is NOT a morph listed above, feel free to contact me and I can see if I can create whichever morph of ball python you own. I'm always up for a new challenge!!

Custom Morphs:


FOR LASERED CUSTOM MORPHS: We CANNOT modify the pattern. This would ONLY be a color change!!! Any requests to have the pattern copied will be ignored. Please see the hand-drawn listings to get your pet's pattern copied onto the bracelet.

Custom morphs for this listing means you can choose which colors the morph is. The pattern will remain the same. Also, for white, acrylic paint is used and it does tend to crack. Please know this.

If you are wanting the pattern to match the snake, please see my hand made listings for the custom morph. Thank you.

Also, if we do not hear from folks within 3 days of purchase of what customization you'd like, we will have to cancel the order and issue a refund. Thank you for understanding.


Snaps are always Silver/Nickel. If you need a different color (Antique Brass (hypo-allergetic) or Gun Metal/Black (hypo-allergetic)), please note this in your order notes.


Oh, and I <3 All Snakies!!!!!!

WARNING: Each individually ordered bracelet might not be the exact shade of leather color as shown in the pictures.



So for orders, I can custom create these to fit your wrist. All I need to know is the circumference of your wrist. Either use a flexible tape measure or you can take a long strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist and mark where the end meets the paper again and then measure that length.



We have finally partnered up with Friends of Scales and now, with every Snakelet purchase, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Friends of Scales reptile rescue! Thank you for your support and for helping find good homes for these reptiles.

If you wish to learn more or donate, please visit:

Thank you again for your purchase!!!



UPDATE: Shipping time turned out to be about a week, but again, this may vary based on the season. Also, be aware that there MAY be an import VAT fee applied to any international shipments when you go to pick up your package. This is a separate fee from what you are charged in Etsy. I have estimated that for a single bracelet, the fees would be between $2-4 USD. Just a heads up!

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