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Deluxe Leather Dice Quiver WITH ARROW COUNTERS Holster Container Bag Purse Case

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Get ready for something you haven't seen before...carry your dice around in this stylish mini leather quiver-shaped case! This quiver is great for those role-players and LARPers on a budget! Attach it to your belt or purse for a nice flare to your outfit. The window makes it easy to see your dice and show them off. Laser cut, hand-dyed, hand-sewn, and hand assembled!!! Quivers can hold 1 full set of 7 standard dice. Comes with 10 arrows, with the ability to hold up to 15. Perfect for any Renaissance Fair outfit, pirate garb, cosplay and more! *NOTE: Quiver does NOT come with dice!!! ------- SIZE: ------- Length: 6.5" Largest Width: 2.25" Top Diameter: 1.5" Window: 1"x3" oval Arrow Length: 2.625" ------------------ VARIATIONS: ------------------ - Green w/tan cap, brown string, antique brass clasp - Red w/black cap, black string, silver clasp - Blue w/brown cap, brown string, antique brass clasp Pattern for all colors is a celtic knot pattern. Window is made with vinyl. MORE COMING SOON!!! ------------- ARROWS: ------------- Arrows do NOT come painted!!! Toothpicks w/Resin printed fletchings. Resin is ALWAYS a translucent clear color. THIS CANNOT BE CUSTOMIZED/MODIFIED!!!! But because it's resin, you can easily paint these yourself!!! If you want to purchase just arrows, select any of the colors. This will not affect the color of the arrows. ------------------------- CUSTOMIZATION: ------------------------- NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT!



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