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Adjustable Leather Holster Sheath for Flute Penny Irish Whistle Recorder, ADJUSTABLE LENGTH

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THIS IS MADE FROM REAL LEATHER!!!! These are laser cut and hand-assembled. This is made to carry a small wooden flute at your side. COMES WITH A SNAP ON THE LOOP FOR EASY REMOVAL!!! These are laser cut & laser engraved! Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather. This is a flute holster used to carry your favorite flute. It slides onto a belt and it is designed at an angle for quick draw and for carrying ease. There is a pocket at the bottom attached to a string tie with a plastic clip so you can adjust to VARIOUS LENGTHS for VARIOUS FLUTES!!!! GREAT FOR LARPING, COSPLAY, AND ROLEPLAYING!!! *NOTE: Does NOT come with flute or penny whistle or Irish whistle or any instrument! ------- SIZE: ------- IMPORTANT: Your wand should be a minimum of 8" long to fit properly into this holster and be able to be drawn. Length: 8.5" (not including the belt loop) Width: 1.5" (not including the belt loop) *Max Flute Diameter (top): 1.25+" *Max Flute Diameter (bottom): 1.25" - 1.5" *These can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the lacing. Belt Loop Length: 2.75" Belt Loop Width: 0.75" Leather used is between 3-5oz. ------------- COLORS: ------------- ALL SHEATHS WILL COME WITH A BROWN OR BLACK POCKET AT THE BOTTOM WITH ACCOMPANYING BROWN OR BLACK STRING!!!!! Black w/Black Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Black Pocket & String] Brown w/Brown Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Brown Pocket & String] Tan w/Brown Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Brown Pocket & String] Green w/Black Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Brown Pocket & String] Red w/Black Flat Lacing (Gun Metal Black) [Black Pocket & String] Blue w/Black Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Black Pocket & String] Purple w/Black Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Black Pocket & String] Gold w/Brown Flat Lacing (Ant. Brass) [Brown Pocket & String] Silver w/Black Flat Lacing (Silver/Nickel) [Black Pocket & String] -MORE COLORS COMING SOON!- () - denotes suggested snap color [] - denotes the pocket & string color *NOTE: Colors may differ slightly due to variances in the leather. ------------------------ RIVETS & SNAPS: ------------------------ Can choose from the following colors: -Silver/Nickel -Ant. Brass (hypo-allergenic) -Gun Metal Black (hypo-allergenic) -------- TIME: -------- The normal turn-over time is about 2-3 weeks. -------------- SHIPPING: -------------- I will ship USPS Bubble Mailer with tracking. --------------------- CUSTOMIZING: --------------------- -Not available for this item-



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