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  • Animal Bytes
  • OMG Jack Killed Mr. Bubbles!
  • Loki's Hat
  • X-Blade
  • Wooden Boomerang and Sheith
  • Custom Painted Wii Mote
  • GBA SP Custom Zelda
  • Lens of Truth
  • My Swing
  • Neji Hyuga
Animal Bytes1 OMG Jack Killed Mr. Bubbles!2 Loki's Hat3 X-Blade4 Wooden Boomerang and Sheith5 Custom Painted Wii Mote6 GBA SP Custom Zelda7 Lens of Truth8 My Swing9 Neji Hyuga10
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Besides graphics, painting, and sewing, I am also versed in a number of other artforms. From hand-stitching to foam weaponry, I love to create many different kinds of artwork.

I really enjoy moding video game consoles and adding in cool effects to the system but if you choose to have this done, there will be separate fees for each additional part ordered/needed for the mod.

Cosplay is also a big things I am into and I can create anything from props and weaponry to the costume itself that you'd wear. I keep everything child-proof and safe to handle as well as light!!

If you are interested in ordering something, go to the "Contact" tab, fill out an OrderForm.pdf and email me!!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!!

More at: DevianART     Contact me for custom orders