Custom Fleece Hats
  • Rainbow Dash Fleece HatCan be made with or without eyes
  • Rarity Fleece HatOne size fits all adults
  • Pikachu Fleece HatPatterns available
  • Spiderman HatCan make more than just anime and ponies
  • Fluttershy HatAny shades, any colors
  • Pinkie Pie HatsMLP Hats found here!!
Rainbow Dash Fleece Hat1 Rarity Fleece Hat2 Pikachu Fleece Hat3 Spiderman Hat4 Fluttershy Hat5 Pinkie Pie Hats6
Ever since the release of My Little Pony, people have been flocking to me for fleece hats. With most of my custom work done at reasonable prices, I can create hats for just about any MLP character as well as other various characters from various shows. You ask, I'll make. Price depends upon the amount of detail involved, but a base MLP hat without eyes, I usually only charge $20 plus shipping and handling.

Go to the "Contact" link and download: OrderForm.pdf, fill it out, and send it to me in an email if you wish to have a hat done. I make them as time allots me.

And for those who would like to try it themselves, I'm not shy about my patterns!! Click below to download my MLP hat patterns and try it out for yourself!!

MLP Hat Patterns.pdf

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!

More at: DevianART     Contact me for custom orders